26-in-6 Fundraiser

Starting November 21st, Reclaim Philadelphia is fundraising over the next six weeks to sustain our organization. We’re calling this the 26-in-6, attempting to raise $26,000 in 6 weeks. We need you to make this goal a reality!


This past two years has been amazing– We elected Larry Krasner! This past election cycle, 5 of our 7 endorsed candidates for State House won their elections! We’ve continued to co-govern with Larry Krasner on a mass liberation agenda, we played a central part of  the OCOS coalition to end the School Reform Commission, we got the city to divest their payroll from Wells Fargo and so much more!

We also have big plans for 2019. We’re going to keep fighting to elect movement candidates who share our values to city council, organize to hold judges accountable, continue to expand our mass liberation, gender and housing justice work and the list goes on. But we can’t do any of this without you!


“We need this funding because it is essential to building power”