Success Stories

Reclaim Philadelphia has been fighting for more than two years to bring racial, gender and economic justice to the city of Philadelphia. We have a long way to go, but we have had some victories along the way.


Transforming the Democratic Party in Philadelphia


We recruited and supported over 200 committee people city wide to transform the broken political machine into an active system that engages voters and supports movement candidates.


State Representative Endorsements


Reclaim Philadelphia endorsed four state representatives in this year’s Democratic primary and they all won! We are continuing to seek out candidates to endorse to move the Democratic Party to live up to it’s values.


We said “Prove it”!


In a packed congressional race in the newly drawn fifth district Reclaim Philadelphia held a candidates forum that pushed those candidates to define their stances on racial, economic and gender justice. In a political landscape where everyone says they’re progressive - we said ‘prove it’.


Demanding a Democratic Sexual Harassment Policy


When PA Dem Party Chair Marcel Groen refused to create a sexual harassment policy for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party - we called his office and demanded it. After publicly pushing back against activists calling for the policy, he resigned!


Accountability in the Philly DA’s office


Reclaim Philadelphia’s Mass Liberation Coalition is a core member of the Coalition for a Just District Attorney - co-governing with Krasner to support his work and holding him accountable by bringing the movement into the DA’s office through regular meetings.


Proud Member of Our City Our Schools


Reclaim philadelphia has been a member of the Our City Our Schools coalition for almost two years - successfully working to dismantle the School Reform Commission and return our schools to local control.


1st to endorse Larry Krasner for DA


Reclaim Philadelphia was the first grassroots organization to endorse Larry Krasner for DA and our members knocked thousands of doors in his epic primary campaign.


Successfully lobbied city council to divest Wells Fargo


Reclaim Philadelphia was part of a citywide coalition that successfully lobbied city council to divest $2 Billion dollars from Wells Fargo bank because of their racist lending practices, investment in dirty energy and funding of privatized prisons.


October 2016 successfully lobbied City Council to oppose the Trans Pacific Partnership


Reclaim Philadelphia successfully lobbied city council to pass a resolution opposing the trans pacific partnership, citing its anti-worker, pro-corporate stances.