Reclaim Task forces

To help drive the vision of the Reclaim Philadelphia platform the organization has dedicated Task forces to focus on specific issues that are pertinent in the Philadelphia area. These groups partner with other organizations in the city to help execute structural change and are growing all of the time. Check this section for updates on Task forces and ways you can get involved!


Democratic Party Transformation Task force

This task force seeks to reshape the local Democratic party through engaging our members directly in local elected positions and articulating a vision and platform, through a lens of abolishing structural oppression, that is currently missing from the Democratic Party on all levels. In the past year, in partnership with Neighborhood Networks, we organized over 200 members and allies to run for Democratic committee person and drafted a detailed 'People's Platform' that will serve as the basis for ongoing political education work for our members and the public. 


Education Task force

Reclaim's education taskforce is a member of the Our City Our School's coalition, which is currently calling on city council to adopt several different revenue streams including PILOTS (payments in lieu of taxes paid by mega nonprofits like University of Pennsylvania and Independence Blue Cross) and ending the 10 year tax abatement.As part of the Our City, Our Schools Coalition, Reclaim's Education Taskforce abolished the racist, undemocratic School Reform Commission which resulted in the establishment of the first school board in Philadelphia in almost two decades. 


Public Banking Task force

This task force is building momentum in the city toward the creation of a Philadelphia Public Bank. Understanding that our economic system systemically exploits poor people and communities of color through predatory lending, redlining and other racist lending practices while investing billions in corporations that hurt all of our communities, we seek to push city council to create a bank run by the city with the exclusive purpose of investing in the health and growth our own communities.


Mass Liberation Task force 

The Mass Liberation campaign is a national campaign of People's Action and is locally being spearheaded by Reclaim Philadelphia. The Mass Liberation campaign’s vision is to build the leadership of formerly incarcerated people and their community members in pursuit of ending mass incarceration and community reinvestment. We do this through issue campaigns, power meetings, direct actions, and leadership development training.

Mass Liberation Events

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Developing Task forces

Reclaim Philadelphia is in the exploratory and research phase of developing a campaign that centers housing as a human right.

Gender Justice
Reclaim Philadelphia is in the exploratory and research phase of developing a campaign around gender justice