A People’s Platform for Philadelphia and Pennsylvania

Reclaim Philadelphia has been reclaiming and restoring political power back to people since 2016. Reclaim Philadelphia endorses and supports progressive candidates and policies that fight for a vision of putting working people before the profits of corporations and the super rich. The People’s Platform, created in partnership with Neighborhood Networks, is our foundation for transforming the Democratic Party and what is politically possible.

We directly connect with our neighbors to unify our communities to end structural racism, classism, sexism and oppression in all its forms. Ultimately, we’re fighting for a world where healthcare, education, live-able environment, housing, safety and justice are human rights - not commodities.


The Right to a Truly Representative Democracy for All

Vision: The elimination of corporate and large money donations from politics, and the protection and expansion of voting rights including universal automatic voter registration.

📸Jason Lozada

📸Jason Lozada

The Abolition of Structural Racism

Vision: An end to the systems that perpetuate structural racism, including mass incarceration, economic disinvestment, and disparities in education, healthcare, and food access. Reparations to black, brown and indigenous communities that have been exploited and disenfranchised by white supremacy, imperialism and colonialism.


The Abolition of All Forms of Discrimination and Oppression

Vision: Bodily autonomy regardless of gender identity and ability. Freedom from discrimination, abuse and harassment based on race, religion, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, ethnicity, country of origin.

📸BG Productions

📸BG Productions

The Right to Economic Justice

Vision: Shared prosperity, including universal living wages with pay equity addressing racial and gender disparity, hunger-free communities, and free childcare and kindergarten–college education.
 Guaranteed full employment with the federal government as the living wage employer of last resort.


The Right to a Livable Climate, Clean Energy, and Healthy Communities

Vision: A rapid economic transformation centered on jobs, redistributive justice, breaking free from fossil fuels, and expanding energy democracy; a future built on caring for each other and our planet.


The Right to Quality Education for All

Vision: Full and fair funding of all public schools, from pre-K to higher education. A community based-school system that honors and validates the identity, skills, and needs of all people. Structural accountability in every school to uphold the values of people as complex humans who deserve to hone and refine their passions, not a test score.



The Right to Decent Housing for All

Vision: Decent housing guaranteed to all as a right.


The Right to Healthcare for All

Vision: Recognition of health care as a human right; comprehensive, free health care to include reproductive services, including abortion; holistic and noncriminal approach to expanded addiction services, mandated safe patient to nurse ratios, gun control, and accessible comprehensive health service.


The Right to Equal Justice for All

Vision: A law enforcement and criminal justice system free from excessive force, racial discrimination, police brutality, mass incarceration and for-profit prison corporations.


The Right to Dignity, Safety, and Justice for All Immigrants, Regardless of Status

Vision: An accessible immigration system with a reasonable and timely pathway to legal status in the United States; demilitarization of immigration policing both at the border and internally.


The Right to Unionize and Collectively Bargain

Vision: Democratic unions as the vehicle for workplace representation, with the right to organize and strike free from interference by employers; a constitutional amendment guaranteeing employment at a living wage.


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