Lead Organizer Amanda McIllmurray on Local Nation

Anatomy of a Winning State House Campaign with Amanda McIllmurray

“Elizabeth Fiedler was a well-reguarded reporter for Philadelphia public radio station WHYY. In 2017, she set that career aside to run for a State House seat in South Philadelphia. Challenging an incumbent, and going up against Philly's entrenched Democratic machine, Fiedler won the Democratic primary. Handedly. Not only that--turnout in the district was as high as it had been in the last Presidential election.

Organizer Amanda McIllmurray was at the helm, serving as campaing manager through that competitive primary season. We talk about the tactics and principles that led to Fiedler's win specifically, and which may have led to such a stunning turnout for the district in general.” - Nick Marzano

Lea Sorrentino