Reclaim Philadelphia 2019 Council Questionnaire!

Reclaim Philadelphia 2019 Council Questionnaire

1. Tell us a personal story about yourself that informs your worldview, your politics, and your decision to run for City Council.

2. What is your opinion of capitalism as a political-economic system? How do your opinions and analysis influence your campaign and legislative priorities?

3. What do “white supremacy” and “patriarchy” mean to you? How do you see them operating in the City of Philadelphia and its government? What policies, if any, would you enact in order to end them?

4. What do you think of the crisis facing Philadelphia schools? What do you see as its root causes? What steps would you take?

5. Under what circumstances should a person be detained or incarcerated, if any? Does the current system meet this criterion? What does safety mean to you and what policies or programs would you pursue to achieve your vision?

6. What is the fundamental factor causing climate change? How should we address this? Do you support a Green New Deal for Philadelphia and, if so, what does that mean to you and what will you do if elected to City Council?

7. Do you think Philadelphia is facing a housing crisis? If so, why? If not, why not? What changes would you make to bring housing policy more in line with your vision?


1. Do you commit to opposing the privatization of all utilities in Philadelphia?

2. Do you commit to support and vote for the creation of a Philadelphia Public Bank?  

3. Will you support using savings from closing the House of Corrections to invest in job training programs and opportunities for formerly incarcerated people, in an effort to combat mass incarceration?  

4. Will you support a participatory study funded by the City to formulate a local Green New Deal energy plan to transition Philadelphia to a democratically controlled 100% renewable energy system by 2030, create unionized jobs, and center the decisions and needs of Philadelphia’s working class and communities of color?

5. Do you support a democratically elected school board?  

6. Will you commit to publicly funding and administering fully staffed libraries and recreation centers seven days a week?  

7. Do you support rent control?  

8. Will you commit that at least 50% of all City funds allocated to create or preserve housing, including but not limited to the Housing Trust Fund and subfunds, must go toward helping the poorest Philadelphians (30% or less of area median income)?

9. Will you commit to introducing or sponsoring legislation that would establish a system of public financing for city campaigns that would create a fund that would provide matching public funds for money individual donors contribute to candidates?  

10. Do you support the creation of an overdose prevention site / supervised consumption site to help efforts to combat the opioid epidemic in our community?  

11. Do you support completely ending the ten year tax abatement?  

12.Do you commit to opposing all new fossil fuel projects in Philadelphia by using all zoning and regulatory means at your disposal?  

13.  Will you support increasing funding of the Police Advisory Commission from $500K to $1.5M and giving it the power to subpoena, investigate and censure cases of police brutality and over-policing?

14. Will you publicly support a moratorium on all charter school expansion?  

15. Do you support the right to strike for public employees including teachers?

16. Will you enact a statutory right to counsel for any Philadelphian facing the loss of their home, be it foreclosure or eviction?  

17. Will you use all means at your disposal to support workers’ right to unionize?

Kelly Morton