Judicial Candidate Questionnaire Responses!

JAT (Judge Accountability Table) asked Philadelphia Judicial candidates to answer challenging questions that are values-driven and focus on the issues most relevant to the people of Philadelphia, and we’ve made our questions compliant with the Code of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Here is the questionnaire the JAT created. Click on the candidates name to read their answers below!

(Candidates listed alphabetically by FIRST name)

Anthony Kyriakakis
Betsy Wahl
Brandi McLaughlin
Cateria McCabe
Chris Hall
Dan Sulman
David Conroy
Francesca A. Lacovangelo
George Twardy
Gregory Weyer
Henry Sias
James Berardnelli
Janine Momasso
Jenn Schultz
Jon Marshall
Josh Roberts
Kay Yu
Laurie Dow
Leanne Litwin
Leon Goodman
Leonard Deutchman
Michele Hangley
Nicola Serianni
Sherman Toppin
Terri Booker
Tiffany Palmer
Theresa Brunson
Vicki Markovitz
Wade Albert
Wendi Barish

Hear these candidates speak at the JAT Forum on April 8th. Come listen to 2019 judicial candidates to determine which candidates you feel will advance the 2019 Judge Accountability Table Platform.