Member Spotlight: A’Brianna Morgan


When talking with A’Brianna Morgan - an early member of Reclaim Philadelphia who’s active in the Mass Liberation Task Force - it’s obvious why she’s such a stellar model for young organizers.

Morgan, 24, has experienced housing insecurity issues and currently works two jobs -- one at a consulting firm and another at a local restaurant.

“I’m working like 55 to 70 hours a week, and that’s only to pay my current bills and pay off the debt I’ve collected via … getting a higher education,” said Morgan. “I just don’t think it’s sustainable, and I think that we need broad systemic changes. No one should have to break themselves and their bodies down on a weekly basis to pay bills.”

Morgan became involved with Reclaim Philadelphia fairly close to its inception, teaming up with disenchanted staffers and volunteers who worked on the 2016 presidential campaign of Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“I’ve always known I wanted to do something politically, socially oriented,” said Morgan. “I talked about a lot of my frustrations with how our society is shaped by a few white, wealthy males, and I just had a moment in 2016 when I felt like I had to put action behind all this feeling.”

Morgan is currently working on organizing for progressive candidates for judgeships in the Phila. Region.

“We just had a forum for the judge candidates, and now we need to figure out how this coalition of organizations can hold judges accountable and influence their role in the justice system,” said Morgan. She is also working on getting the Dignity Act of Pennsylvania passed and pushing for fairer housing rules.

With canvassing ramping up in anticipation of the May 21 primary, Morgan shared with us some hard-won advice for knocking on doors:

  1. Know when to keep moving.

Don't waste time waiting for someone to answer the door, and more importantly, know that not everyone can be moved. If someone is adamantly against your message, know when to end the conversation.

  1. Don't be afraid to cry.

Well, you don't actually have to cry, but do let yourself be vulnerable. People open up when they can hear your passion/pain.

  1. Admit things you don't know.

Sometimes folks ask a question or comment on something specific you may not know about. Be honest about things you don't know; people will appreciate your honesty and this gives you an opportunity to get them talking more if you ask them to say more.