Reclaim Philadelphia Organizers Interviewed for

How Bold Women Are Transforming Pennsylvania Politics- Adam Kruggel

“A wave of bold women candidates are transforming politics in Pennsylvania: from Jess King, the Lancaster County Mennonite who’s running for Congress, to Kristin Seale in Harrisburg, Danielle Friel-Otten in Chester County, Sara Innamorato and Summer Lee in Pittsburgh, and Elizabeth Fiedler, who’s running for State House from South Philadelphia.

Bold women are also running these campaigns, transforming the Democratic Party from within, and preparing a new generation of activists to play a leading role in state politics in years to come.

Adam Kruggel from People’s Action caught up with two of women of vision: Kelly Morton and Amanda McIllmurray, both founding members of Reclaim Philadelphia. This grassroots group, created by alumni of the 2016 Bernie Sanders campaign, has in two short years grown into a formidable force that is changing the way politics are done in Pennsylvania, up and down the ballot and all across the state.”

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