Dedicated organizers with a passion for leading and connecting.



Reclaim Philadelphia has five organizers who execute the vision established by our mission statement and platform.


Kelly Morton

Lead Organizer

Kelly Morton is a founding member of Reclaim Philadelphia. She represented the organization in a citywide coalition to divest from Wells Fargo Bank, was the South Philadelphia field organizer for the Larry Krasner campaign in November 2017 and the organizer for Reclaim’s Committee Person Campaign in Spring 2018. She is a native Philadelphian, a Buddhist and a Flyers fan…all at the same time.


Amanda McIllmurray

Political Director

Amanda Mcillmurray is a founder of Reclaim Philadelphia and is currently the Political Director of the organization. She was a delegate and field organizer for Bernie 2016, and she was the campaign manager for the Elizabeth Fiedler campaign. She's a native Philadelphian and rejects the notion that whiz is an acceptable accompaniment for a steak.


Rick Krajewski

Organizer, Mass Liberation and Philadelphia Coalition for a Just District Attorney

Rick Krajewski joined our staff as an organizer for Reclaim in June 2017. He was the original organizer for Reclaim’s Mass Liberation campaign/Decarceration taskforce, before changing roles as the Coordinator for the Philadelphia Coalition for a Just District Attorney, which is working with the District Attorney’s Office for Larry Krasner. He is a born-and-raised New Yorker, artist, and former software engineer.


Lev Hirschhorn

Statewide Organizer

Lev is a founding organizer of Reclaim Philadelphia. Since 2008, Lev has been a student, community, labor and electoral organizer. He was active in the Occupy movement, served on the board of Jewish Voice for Peace and was a staff organizer on the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign. Lev was the Field Director for Reclaim Philadelphia's campaign to elect Larry Krasner in the May 2017 primary, and was the GOTV Director for the Krasner campaign in the general election. Lev is originally from Oakland, California.


Madusa Carter

Mass Liberation Organizer

Madusa is newly Relocated to Philadelphia. Originally from Harrisburg,PA this international Hip Hop “Freedom Fighter” is artistically known as Blak Rapp Madusa and “they” means business. With over 4 years of Prison Abolitionist work and Youth Organizing. Ending mass incarceration and empowering formerly Incarcerated Women of Color is the goal of this self proclaimed Artivist (Activist+Artist).


Taskforce Leadership

Reclaim Philadelphia contains several task forces that focus on specific issues to drive our vision. Listed are the current leaders of these active task forces.


Democratic Party Transformation Taskforce
Chair - Kelly Morton,

Vice Chair - Nikil Saval

Mass Liberation Taskforce
Organizer - Madusa Carter

Public Banking Taskforce
Joint committee with Neighborhood Networks - contact Kelly Morton

Education Taskforce  Chair- Bryn Arment

Developing Task forces:

Chair- Nikil Saval 

Gender Justice
Chair- Maria Thomson


Steering Committee

Reclaim Philadelphia’s Steering Committee is a group of elected Reclaim members whose collective role is to maintain the longterm health of the organization.

The Steering Committee votes on budget related questions, candidate endorsements and other large organizational decisions.They are also responsible for fundraising for the organization.

The committee oversees our candidate endorsement process - at times making suggestions for endorsement to our member base. Steering Committee members are elected to a 2 year term.


Current Members

Aileen Callahan - Chair

Nikil Saval

Maria Thomson

Bryn Arment

Tammer Ibrahim - Treasurer

Cora Linehan

Lena Smith