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How exciting! The first episode of Reclaim Philadelphia’s podcast Our Political Moment: The stories behind the structure is finally here! This podcast will feature stories from Philadelphians impacted by some of the biggest issues facing our city, including education, housing, workers’ rights, mass incarceration, immigration and poverty. Our hosts, Sergio Cea, Kelly Morton and Lea Sorrentino will offer an analysis of the dominant narratives and structural oppression involved in these issues and interview organizers across the city who are fighting for solutions. Each episode will conclude with a call to action, a way our listeners can get involved and be part of local collective change.

Our first episode is a unique because it features three story tellers to kick-off the first season and set the foundation for the episodes to follow. You will hear stories from Mass Liberation Campaign Organizer Akeem Sims, Artists and co-host Lea Devon Sorrentino and Video editor and Organizer Paul Fitzgerald.

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