#2 Tumbling Down

Episode two hosted by Kelly Morton explores the state of the Philadelphia School system. Listen to Nayeli Perez, a student at Palumbo Academy talk about her experience in a special admissions public school. Kelly first heard our storyteller speak at a fundraiser for school funding last fall. At that time, Nayeli pointed out that as a student, she didn’t have a lot of power but she hoped that by speaking others would amplify her words to create change.

The conditions in our schools and the experiences of our students compared to those across the state are not accidental. In this episode you will also hear from an organizer with Our City Our Schools, Kendra Brooks about how Philadelphia public schools reached this point of crisis.

After hearing this episode, if you want to get involved with Kendra and Our City Our Schools in our fight for fully funded public education, sign this PETITION mentioned in the episode and fill out the form below to stay involved.

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